Our Mission

Childhood obesity leads to numerous illnesses that can translate into reduced mortality rates in adults.  After reading these statistics and demands from many parents concerned about their children's health,  4 years ago, the "I can do 26.2" program was created.

“I can do 26.2,” is a six-weeks running program for children ages 4-12. The program teaches children that being healthy, active, and having fun go hand-in-hand. Through this running program, we help our children understand that with effort anything is achievable, including running a marathon, in six weeks.  Our running program helps children develop coping skills and embrace resiliency while learning key concepts that enforce the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Over six weeks, our children work with volunteer coaches to walk or run at their pace towards completing the distance of a  marathon. Family and friends are invited to witness the children crossing the finish line as they celebrate their final miles towards their goal of 26.2 miles.