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Who We Are


Executive Director & Founder

Chika Chukwuocha, Certified RRCA Running Coach, and season marathoner, created this running program out of her love for running. It is her hearts desire to fight childhood obesity by helping children to stay active and inspired motivated her to become the founder and operator of "I can do 26.2"



Aurelia Lyles, avid runner, personal trainer, certified indoor cycling instructor and nutritionist, with 40+ years of running experience under her belt, started running at a very young age. She has run everything from 40 meters to a marathon and understands the importance of teaching children healthy habits at and early age so they may become healthy adults. ​ Aurelia is a mother who holds a MBA, CAP, OM, and is a certified etiquette consultant.

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Vice President

Susan Brown re-discovered her love for the run as an adult. After moving here to Delaware in 2006, she re-started her run journey as a way to meet new people. She became a Run Coordinator and later became Co-President of the statewide chapter Black Girls Run. She is a seasoned marathoner, ultramarathoner and triathlete who loves the rush of endurance activities with the mindset to “smile every mile.” Both she and her youngest daughter have supported “I Can Do 26.2” since the program’s inception. Susan’s love of fitness encouraged her to help others find their pathway and as a result, Susan is also a Certified Yoga, Indoor Cycling and HIIT & Flow Instructor, who loves encouraging her students to go beyond the limits of their own mind. Susan is a mom of two daughters and a paralegal of over 20 years, with a M.S. in Legal Studies from California University of Pennsylvania. Susan is also a small business owner, based in Wilmington, DE. When Susan isn’t working, you’ll find her curled up reading a good book.



Erica Saunders is a seasoned runner whose love for running was birthed over 20 years ago in high school. That passion was later reignited in 2015 after being diagnosed with hypertension. Since then, Erica has done countless 5k's, 10k's, and half marathons. She is a 11 time marathoner and is currently in pursuit of completing the World Majors, which are the top six marathons in the world. She is a Level 1 Certified Run Coach through RRCA and she is excited to serve alongside her running coach and good friend Chika as they seek to address the sedentary lifestyle of today's youth. We believe our children can do 26.2!


Secretary & Media Specialist

Wilmington native, Thea Lopez is a Marketing Strategist for nonprofits and small businesses. She's responsible for implementing marketing strategies to increase brand awareness and develop social media campaigns. In addition to her extensive PR and marketing experience, she’s also a small business owner. Co-owner of Thrift Mobb, a recycled fashion clothing boutique and meetup. Thrift Mobb is for budget-conscious individuals who love vintage fashion. Thea views fashion as an art form based upon an individual’s personal style and interests. With her brand, she's on a mission in making fashion more sustainable and reducing the global footprint by recreating today’s fashion trends with vintage clothing. When she isn’t working, you’ll find Thea planting, thrift shopping or volunteering for The Junoir League of Wilmington where she serves as Social Media and Digital Marketing Chair.



Bebe Coker, Advocate for Civil Rights, and Educational Equity adopted Delaware as "home" in the year 1960. She has been a strong proponent of fair and equitable education for all Children and was opposed to the remedy of BUSSING to achieve same. Mrs. Coker has been and is still an active member of many educational and community boards throughout the City and State, ergo, The NCCVO-TECH School Board, the Metropolitan Wilmington Urban League, the Delaware Historical Society, Musical Theater and Drama Groups, Women's' Leadership Group, United Way, and GREAT DAMES, just to name a few. She is an outspoken advocate for reading proficiency of children and their right to quality learning opportunities in any given classroom; as well as the rights of former inmates to on the job training, employment, and housing.

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Serena Wilson-Archie is a recreational runner that supports the statewide Black Girls Run organization as a run coordinator. Serena is a marathoner with numerous half marathons, and all other distances below. She has a drive to stay fit and work with others to achieve the common fitness activity goals. She has been supporting “I can do 26.2” since its inception with her two boys. Serena is a wife, mother, and holds two engineering degrees: Civil (BS) and Electrical (MS). She is currently working as the MD Peaking, Maintenance Manager."

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